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Amazon has started using a service called OnTrac for some of their parcels. I'd never heard from them before, but my first experience with them was less than stellar. They were supposed to deliver a package to me yesterday. Just before 5 p.m. I realized it hadn't arrived, went to Amazon's site, and checked the status. OnTrac claimed to have tried to deliver the package, but nobody was "home".

The package was being delivered to my office. Said office was accessible, and there's a receptionist in the lobby. If the receptionist isn't available, several people sit within line-of-sight of the front desk. Plus, no signature was required, and they could have just left the package on the front desk.

I called OnTrac, and after ten minutes of being on the phone they said that the driver would try to get back there by 5:30 (when the office closes) but they couldn't guarantee that. It didn't happen.

Today I checked their website, and they claim the package was delivered yesterday at 3:58 p.m. That's the exact same time that they reported that they couldn't deliver it.

My conclusion: they lied about trying to deliver it, and then lied about when it was actually delivered.


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