Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Eating experiment update

I haven't posted one of these in a while.

I just finished reading Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food. This man makes crazy good sense when he talks about food, and I really feel like he's changed my life. I don't make that comment lightly, either. I feel like I've found religion.

I'm still avoiding HFCS and heavily-processed food, and eating almost exclusively fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, seafoods, eggs and dairy, grains, and legumes. I'm cooking almost everything that I eat myself, eating out a little bit, and eating almost nothing that comes out of a package. There are a few exceptions-- I'm eating a packaged applesauce that's easy for me to take to work for lunch, but the ingredients list is simple: "organic apples". OK, some of it has cinnamon too, and sometimes I go wild and eat the version that also has organic apricots.

I'm recording everything I eat, and loosely managing my total calories. I have a target zone for daily calories, and I'm almost always on the low end of that. Nothing is forbidden, though. If I'm craving ice cream then I haul my butt over to Tara's or Humphry Slocombe and get some ice cream, enjoy the heck out of it without guilt or remorse, then record the calories in my food diary.

I do have "days off", which basically means that I eat whatever I want to in moderation and don't even try to record the calories. Thus far, these have all centered around times that I was traveling.

This is the first time in my life that I really and truly feel like I'm eating well, eating sanely, and eating *right*. Not only am I making healthier food choices, but I'm also eating more enjoyable foods and consuming rational portion sizes.

Of course, this is all really easy to do in summer in California, when there's an abundance of fresh, organic produce available from local farms. I expect I'll have to work harder at it in winter.

I have a favorite style of jeans, Levi's 580s. The thing that pushed me over the edge for losing weight was putting them on one day and feeling like they were too tight... this did not make me happy.

A couple of weeks ago I found them on sale. Since I expect to be outgrowing my current ones in the next couple of months, I ordered a couple of pairs in a size smaller than I'm currently wearing.

They showed up on Monday morning. Even though there was no chance in hell that I'd be able to get into them, I decided to try them on anyway, just for amusement. "Hrmm. Maybe I *can* squeeze into these, but I doubt they'll zip."

I squirmed into them. "Hrmmm, maybe they'll zip. They'll be too tight to wear, though."

Zip. "Hey! These fit perfectly!" I wore them to work.

My mother is in town this weekend, which means lots of eating out. There's also a cupcake competition at work tomorrow. I therefore declare that Friday through Sunday are days off
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