Patti (whipartist) wrote,

So apparently I'm on a low-sodium diet

When I started changing the way I ate, one of the things I glanced at but didn't pay much attention to is sodium. The US RDA is no more than 2400mg/day, and the UK recommendation is less than 1600mg/day. I kept those numbers in mind but didn't pay a ton of attention to them.

I use a website/Android app to record everything that I eat. All of the food entries, many of which are crowdsourced, include the sodium content. I was looking back at my food calendar today and noticed that their database claimed that a cup of cooked white rice has almost 600mg of sodium. That triggered my bullshit detector, and I went on a search. In actuality, rice has essentially zero sodium. Their database says that oatmeal (which I eat every day) has 278mg. Again, the real number is about zero. It turns out that in both entries, the person entering the food assumed that you added salt during cooking.

I corrected a week's worth of entries, then looked at my sodium intake for the last week. My daily range is 874-1647, with an average of 1263. OK, that seems pretty reasonable. Side note: the high number was the day I ate an Aidell's turkey, chicken, and portobello sausage. Serves me right.

Then I got curious... what are the restrictions of a low-sodium diet? I searched the web, and 1500-2400 mg/day seems to be an accepted definition of a low-sodium diet.

So without even trying, I wound up on a low-sodium diet. Go me. The only thing that really surprises me about this is that people struggle to keep it under 2400mg.

In other news, tonight I cooked spinach for probably the first time in my life. When I was growing up, spinach was this horrible goopy flavorless green goo that came out of a can, looked like pond scum, and contaminated everything it touched. It was vile, and I despised it. However, in a quest to add more leafy greens to my diet I decided to try cooking it myself. I sauteed some shallots, added brown mustard and cider vinegar, then tossed the spinach in and only slightly overcooked it. I can't say I've become a spinach lover, but it will probably show up on the menu again.

(BTW, please don't suggest salads as a way to add leafy greens. I'm not a big fan of them unless they're drenched in goopy dressings, and my diet doesn't allow me to eat things that I don't like.)
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