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OK, I've decided that I'd rather have a Hasselblad than the Rolleiflex that I was looking at earlier. The Rolleiflex is a fine camera, but the Hasselblad has better parts and system availability. Of course, what I *should* spend my money on is neither...

I took the Holga out for a spin this afternoon, then spent the evening in the darkroom. Yes, again. I could have predicted that this would happen, but it's actually pretty sensible. The best way to learn is to practice, and I have free use of the darkroom for a month or so. Therefore, I should take full advantage of it, right?

I got annoyed by people saying that healthy food is too expensive and they can only afford to eat processed food or fast food. I set out to prove them wrong, so this week my goal is to eat for less than $40.

The simplified version of the rules: I can shop anywhere I want to that's open to the public and I can take advantage of sales that I find at the store, but I can't clip coupons or shop at member-only facilities. I have to document everything. I get to define healthy. Because it's too challenging to track micro-quantities, my budget pays a $5 tax for small quantities of staples such as herbs and spices, oil, vinegar, condiments, etc.

I did all of my shopping this weekend, and don't tell anyone but I expect to come in significantly under budget. I even splurged on an aged-four-years Wisconsin cheddar. Today I stuffed my crock pot with a vegetable and garbanzo stew that turned out fabulous.

The menu for the week includes the stew, a vegetable, sweet potato, and cheddar frittata, spinach, miso-glazed carrots, probably an apple crisp, and whatever else comes together.

Here's the Flickr set where I'm documenting everything.

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