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Subject:Microwave oven UI design
Time:02:45 pm
I use two microwave ovens on a regular basis. The user interfaces on them are very different. One seems incredibly logical to me, and the other is completely illogical. I'm throwing the two issues out for a vote, since my friends rule the world.
Poll #1634666 Microwave UI Design

Which button should be the most prominent?


There's a "quick minute" button. Should the oven start when you press it, or should you have to hit "Quick Minute" then "Start"?

Start automatically
Quick Minute, then Start
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Time:2010-10-23 02:27 am (UTC)
The off sensor is built into the latch that opens the door. It can't open the door fast enough to "zap" you from still-active microwaves.

I now use quick minute settings all the time, but previous microwaves didn't have that setting and I adapted just fine. The first time I encountered a quick minute setting it startled me as I was trying to enter the time (e.g. 100 for 1 minute) and it just started automatically as I pushed the 1. But I quickly figured out how it worked on that model and had no problems figuring out how to enter time if I wanted to set a different value (e.g. 145 for a minute 45 seconds) when needed (rarely).

My Microwave UI issues occur when I want to do something *other* than basic minute operations. I shouldn't have to reach for a user manual to do any of the following, the UI should make it obvious how to do it:

1) Set the clock
2) Set and start the timer
3) Stop the timer
4) Program partial power operation (e.g. 5 minutes at 60% power)
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[icon] Patti
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