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Times Beach

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What do you know about Times Beach?

I know what Times Beach is and why it's significant
I've heard of Times Beach but I don't remember the details
I don't know what Times Beach is

Times Beach Missouri was a small town southwest of St. Louis on the Meramec River. In 1982, the entire town was shut down because it contained dangerous levels of dioxin-- the dioxin was contained in oil that had been sprayed on the roads years before to keep dust down. The entire city became a superfund site, was cleaned up over the next decade, and is now a state park.

I was reminded of it as I read this story this evening. The story is not wildly interesting in and of itself, but it reminded me of something from my history.

I (sort of) owned land in Times Beach at one point. My grandparents had bought a couple of lots with the idea of building a house there at some point, and I think my name wound up on the title somehow. For reasons that are slightly complex, my family wound up giving the land to the city with the stipulation that it be turned into a city park.

I'm amused to see that it finally did become a park, though not in the way we'd intended.

The complex story: we had two lots. The city changed the building code so that our land was too small to build on. The same guy owned the land on both sides of us, and he was a dick. If I remember correctly, he was using our land without our permission, he wasn't interested in buying it from us, and we thought he was going to try to claim squatters rights or somesuch. I may well be misremembering the details, though.
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