Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Good and bad customer service

I've had occasion to deal with customer service for a few different companies recently. Here's the good and bad:

Adobe: Their website double-billed me for a Photoshop upgrade.

Jan 13: Talked to them on the phone for half an hour. Faxed them the "proof of destruction" form that they asked for.
Jan 17: Faxed it to them again.
Jan 20: Got note from them that they haven't received it.
Jan 26: Uploaded a digital version.
Jan 30: Pinged them.
Jan 31: Uploaded a second digital version.

At this point, Feb 2, I'm waiting for their response.

Gillette (Proctor & Gamble): Their website sucks, and makes it hard to get in touch with them.

I contacted them asking if a specific brand of razor contained PTBP-FR, since I'm allergic to that chemical and suspect that I might be reacting to a razor.

I got form email the next day saying that my doctor had to send them a request on office letterhead.

Curad (Medline): One click got me their contact information. I called the 800 number and got an actual, intelligent human being within 60 seconds. He listened to my request, put me on hold while he called someone, and then got back to me within two minutes with the best information he could get. Unfortunately, it was an older product and he had a hard time getting the information that I needed, but he worked with me via email for several days.

It was clear from the beginning that I was dealing with someone who understood my question and had the authority and contacts to resolve it. I had his first and last name, email address, and extension. He communicated effectively, and I felt like he went above and beyond to address my concerns.

The bottom line: one company I'm stuck with, but I have confidence that they will eventually resolve my problem. One company has me looking to see what brands are theirs, so that I can patronize their competitors. One company has me looking to see what other brands are theirs, so that I can buy them preferentially.

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