Patti (whipartist) wrote,

I'm not heartless!


That's a graph of my heart rate as I ran tonight.

It's in three sections. Section 1 is the actual run. It went like this:

5 minute warmup walk
3 minute run
1.5 minute walk
5 minute run
2.5 minute walk
3 minute run
1.5 minute walk
5 minute run
walk for several minutes

Section 2 is wandering about the gym and stretching. Section 3 is going home. As far as I can tell, that graph is pretty much exactly what I want right now. Low 140s is about the maximum heart rate that I want to see right now. The other day when I had to take a break, it's because my heart rate was into the 150s. That felt too high for me.

My resting heart rate is 55-60BPM. My doctor always says 58, but I was measuring 55-56 tonight. The difference is noise, I think.

This is cool! It's exactly, precisely what I wanted. I ordered a Garmin ForeRunner 305 yesterday, and it arrived today. It's a little overkill for running indoors, since GPS is useless on a treadmill, but I was eyeing it last year for bicycling and couldn't quite make the case for it. It was fairly easy to set up, and it's easy to use. I approve.

And thank you to loser_variable for recommending SportTracks. That's a slick piece of software.
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