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Subject:Vegas hotels: the answer
Time:11:31 pm
The other day I posted a poll about Vegas hotels.

Amusingly, when I posted the poll, I had one answer in mind. I kept remembering things, though, and adding to the list, and when I was done there was a different correct answer. I started with 22 in my mind as the correct answer, but I'm currently at 26. I've probably forgotten something.


Binion's - about a zillion times, and I'm sad that it's closed.
Four Queens - a couple of times, including one hellish experience with two "broken" rooms, a migraine, and being right above the Fremont Street Experience
Golden Nugget - recent BARGEs/EMBARGO
Plaza - a couple of times, one while Greg Raymer won the WSOP
Main Street Station - quite frequently


Orleans - quite a lot, Orleans Opens, BARGE, TOC, and lots of just-for-fun trips
Rio - several times, but not recently
Gold Coast - occasionally when other things were booked
Boulder Station (or something out that way) - my first Vegas trip a couple of decades ago
Hilton - a couple of times, but I barely remember why


Flamingo - I know I've stayed here, but I don't remember when
MGM - with an ex, many years ago
Mirage - during TARGET once. I hate the Mirage with a passion.
Treasure Island - with a friend once. I'm not a fan.
Palazzo - after BARGE, the Venetian sent me lots of free rooms, and I stayed at both properties
Venetian - see Palazzo
Casino Royale - during BARGE at the Venetian
Paris - with my old housemates, though I don't remember how it happened
Riviera - for backgammon tournaments. I was here during an earthquake once.
Some dive next to the Riviera - got stuck here one night. It was horrid.
Stardust - I had one of the most valuable conversations of my entire life while waiting for a cab here
Sahara - once or twice during TARGET
Tuscay - while attempting to take advantage of a casino promotion

Non casino hotels:

Budget Suites out Boulder - stayed here for the whole 2003 WSOP
Budget Suites by the Orleans - once, I don't remember for what
Some business-traveler-type hotel south of the airport - a friend was in town for Comdex, and suggested I come hang out with him. It was unremarkable.
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Time:2011-02-11 10:32 pm (UTC)
Do you have any favorites? Or, do you have recommendations for some that don't suck as bad as the others?

bldrnr and I just stayed at the Monte Carlo and we were pretty pleased.
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Time:2011-02-11 10:34 pm (UTC)
A lot depends upon what you want to do and where you want to be.

My personal tastes are different from most tourists. Hotel list notwithstanding, I HATE the strip and do my best to avoid it. I mostly either stay downtown or off-strip at the Orleans.

The Golden Nugget downtown is really nice.

Most of my Vegas stays are based on who is giving me free rooms at the time. That's usually Main Street Station or the Orleans.

Edited at 2011-02-11 10:35 pm (UTC)
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