Patti (whipartist) wrote,

That was an amusing evening

Last night we had dinner at Orson in SF. The food was competent, though not spectacular. The service was a little off, but not horribly so. The cocktails were good. They were showing a Marilyn Monroe movie on the wall behind the bar. We had a fabulous table overlooking everything.

The last course of the evening was "bon bondage". A plate arrived containing two chocolate bon bons, a smear of honey, a dab of chocolate oil, a small pile of vanilla fleur de sel sugar... and a blindfold. The server gave us instructions that one of us was to be blindfolded, and then the other was to feed them with their hands.

Well, OK. I can say with certainty that being blindfolded and licking chocolate off of someone's fingers in an upscale restaurant is an interesting experience.

From there we headed to Bourbon and Branch, knocked on the door, gave the password, and then sat at the bar drinking exquisite cocktails and liquors.

To cap the evening off... when I got home, a porn star texted me naked pictures of herself.

I hope you all had a fabulous valentines day too!
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