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I decided not to run for a few days. I can feel the hip getting less sore, so I'll give it a bit more time.

It may snow at sea level in San Francisco within the next couple of days. SFGate has a fabulous photo album of previous snow in and around SF, including some that go back to the late 1800s. A couple of the captions are fun.

From the department of things that I never thought I'd be saying-- I'm now co-captain of a cheerleading squad. Yes, really. Rest assured that my tongue is so firmly planted in my cheek that it might well get stuck there.

Our receptionist sent out a photo yesterday that caused me to share this page with several people in the office.

I love this guy. Countless people have made fun of him, and we all gawk at him. At the same time, he seems to be fabulously warm-hearted and sincere and just utterly joyous about the world. Yes, he's a bit weird, but he's proud of that. I'm happy to see that he finally found his Tinkerbell.

This has to say something about my psyche, but I'm not sure what...

I woke up yesterday morning dreaming that my cat Peek had learned how to shop for cat food. I could give her my car keys and a $20 bill, and she'd go out then come back with a bag of kitty kibble. I knew exactly what store she went to (Nob Hill Foods in Alameda), and what brand she would buy (Iams). Pretty cool, eh?

This brings up dozens of possible questions. How does she work the elevator buttons? How does she drive the car? How did she carry a bag of kibble that weighs almost as much as she does? How did she learn to do this? Do cats need a license to drive a car? Does she go through the self-checkout line? What does the store think of this? Do they know her name?

My brain dealt with this dream for at least an hour after I woke up. Did I wonder any of things? Did I marvel at my insanely talented cat? No, of course not. I spent the time wondering what she'd done with my change.

My favorite actor, David Bedella, is going to be doing a ten-week run in the musical Chicago in the west end. Sadly, I doubt I can make it over there while he's playing.
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