Patti (whipartist) wrote,

I hate my car

OK, mostly I don't hate my car. In fact, I quite like her. However, every two years, come smog check time, I hate her.

One of the California smog checks involves testing that the onboard diagnostics emissions sensors are ready. Unfortunately, there's a bug in the firmware of my car that makes it essentially impossible for this to happen. The only real way to make this car pass smog checks is to take it to a dealer, pay them a couple hundred bucks to set all the sensors to ready, then to drive to a smog station and have the car tested. I have to do all of this without turning the engine off, because as soon as I do that the sensors get reset and I have to do it from scratch.

The official description of this is "Some monitors are difficult to set to 'complete'." Blah.

Guess who forgot about this when she took her car to be smogged this morning? blah!
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