Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Which car should I buy?

It's about time for me to buy another car and drive it until the wheels fall off. For reasons that aren't really worth going into, I'm getting a PT Cruiser convertible. I have two candidate cars in mind, both 2005 models.

(The Purple One) A Touring (mid-level) model, turbo-lite (a little sluggish, uses regular fuel). It's not terribly feature-laden, but it's in great shape and it only has 22K miles on it. The asking price is $11K. Here's a link to the car.

(The Silver One) A GT (top-level) model, full-on turbo (requires premium fuel), much peppier. It's pretty decked out-- leather, heated seats, nav system (which I'd probably wind up ripping out), ABS, etc. It has 60K miles, and is still in good shape but has more wear & tear, minor dings, etc. It's silver with a dark interior, which I'm not wild about. They were asking over $11K when I first saw it a couple of months ago. When I test drove it yesterday they were asking $8888. Today it's reduced to $7995. I think this link will work. If not, go to, click on specials under pre-owned, and you'll find it.

Obviously, they're highly motivated to sell the silver one. However, the Carfax report on the purple one suggests that it's been on the lot for a couple of months, and they may also be fairly eager to get rid of it. It's winter, and what moron buys a convertible in the winter?

Having only 22K miles is a huge selling point, since I plan to keep it for a long time, low mileage seems like a huge win. Plus, it's purple, yo. Truthfully, I'd be happy driving either one. Edit: Of slight note is that I drove the purple one in pouring rain, and the top did not leak. It did piss on me when the door was open, but I'm used to that.

I think my strategy is going to be this: negotiate aggressively for the purple one. If I succeed, I'm happy. If not, I buy the silver one and I'm also happy.

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