Patti (whipartist) wrote,

I ran again

I went out running at about 1 a.m. (Is it insane to go running in Oakland at 1 a.m. on a Saturday evening/Sunday morning? It didn't seem like it to me.) Running in 40-odd degrees and dry is a million times better than doing it in the same but raining, and a sweatshirt is better than a T-shirt. I need gloves, though.

I've been using a C25K app on my phone, but somehow I managed to reset it about three different times tonight. After a while I gave up on timing myself, and decided to just judge my times by distance. My neighborhood has long blocks and short blocks, and one long block has tended to be about one minute, so I made sure to do at least that much on each run. I also ran way more than the eight 1-minute segments that I was supposed to do, since I was having fun pushing myself. (Did I really just say that? Really?!) I also played with pacing, deliberately doing some of the runs faster than I typically would.

Running makes my shoulders hurt. I do not understand that at all, nor do I have any idea what to do about it, but it really is annoying. It doesn't seem to be hurting me anywhere else this time, except for the "hey, I used my muscles" soreness in my legs.

I desperately need a good pair of bluetooth headphones. I don't like running with a cord, plus I have earbuds and they tend to fall out while I run. The Jaybirds look really tempting, but I'm not sure I want to spend almost a hundred bucks on a pair of headphones. I only need audio, not a microphone. Anyone have recommendations?
Tags: c25k
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