Patti (whipartist) wrote,


I just got back from running. I did W3D1 of the couch to 5K, more or less-- my new wireless headphones weren't really on good terms with the C25K app that I've been using, so I ended up timing the run using the timer on my ForeRunner. (Gadget geek? Me?) All of my timings were approximate, but that's perfectly OK with me. Nothing bad happens if I do a 2:50 run instead of a 3:00 run.

Even though I'm running faster than before, I'm still slloooowwww. At the end of the run, I decided to do a few faster runs-- one minute at whatever pace felt speedier than my usual shuffling along. Apparently I averaged 5.5-6MPH or so for those. That won't win any races, but it does get my heart rate up pretty quickly.

Some day I might actually break the 12-minute mile. Perhaps. Maybe.

Maybe I'll alternate doing week 3+ at my slower pace with days of doing W1D1 at a faster pace. Hrmm.
Tags: c25k
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