Patti (whipartist) wrote,


I did W3D2, plus no bonus material except for extra time walking home. My left leg was cramping up just a little bit, so I made it an easy, lazy evening. There are tall ships down at Jack London Square, so I made that my destination tonight. It's nice to run by the water at night.

I feel like I've gotten the gear/routine kinda dialed in. The wireless headphones that I bought work fairly well, though the beep from the C25K app doesn't come through. The music cuts out for a second or so when it's supposed to beep, though, so that's good enough. I'm timing all of the laps with the ForeRunner, and I have the buttons figured out. I picked up a Nike long-sleeved running shirt (in safety orange, since I run at night), and that worked well with the thin gloves that I bought to keep me warm. The belt I bought works well for carrying the phone. All I need now is a spare set of keys, so I don't have to carry my whole keychain.

I think I'll do a couple of extra W3D3s before moving on.
Tags: c25k
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