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You may notice that I haven't posted any entries titled "I ran" in a while. There's a reason for that-- I haven't been running. My body doesn't seem to be much of a fan of the running thing, so I decided to try something less joint-rattling. I've been bicycling. It seems to be working pretty well. In fact, I just got back from an hour-long ride down into the Port of Oakland and back. It's nice to ride down there at night since I pretty much have the road to myself, and I don't have to dodge cars.

I'm not fast, but neither is my bike. Still, I'm going farther and getting faster with each ride. I track my rides with my ForeRunner 305. Having lots of metrics is a motivating factor for me.

On Friday night we went down to San Jose to see God of Carnage, a play that I wanted to see on Broadway but didn't get to. We had about an hour for dinner, which limited our choices. PF Chang was the closest place to the theater, and we figured "when in Rome..."

It was the worst meal that I have had in ages. I'm pretty sure PF Chang is Chinese for "house of goopy brown sludge" in honor of the sweet, disgusting sauce that they put on everything. It was a meal of truly epic horror. The play made up for it, though-- it was hilarious! I learned afterward that it was made into a movie called Carnage last year. The lineup is fabulous-- Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet, John C Reilly, Christoph Waltz, and directed by Roman Polanski.

This power failure woke me up at 4:32 a.m today. I do so love the unsynchronized beeping of UPSes in distress.

I took a knife skills class at Kitchen on Fire last week. It was pretty fabulous. I didn't have really good role models for cooking when I was growing up, so a lot of my skills are seat-of-the-pants. I had several, "Oh! That's the easy way to accomplish that" moments. Plus, I didn't cut myself even once.

It was fun watching a thunderstorm out the window while slicing and dicing carrots, zucchini, onions, celery, peppers, and herbs.

Speaking of classes, I just signed up for Ladies Rock Camp next month-- a friend of mine twisted my arm. So, apparently, I'll be performing at the Starry Plough on Sunday the 6th. Feel free to giggle now, or show up and giggle in person.
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