Patti (whipartist) wrote,


My current count of resumes for the single job opening that was advertised last week is 401. No, wait... I forgot the one from gerardp's friend. That makes 402. (Math is hard! Let's go shopping!)

I have two different colors of hair goo on my head right now. The top is my standard fuchsia, but the underneath hair is a very dark violet. If it turns out OK then next time around I'm going to rebleach the streaks that are there, add more, and then keep the two-tone look. Or maybe I'll un-chicken and just bleach the whole mane. I really like the styles of both Tish and Snooky on the front page of and I suspect that my hair would look good in solid fuchsia with violet stripes in it. On the other hand, that sounds like real work.

When I got home this evening, I was quite surprised to find a package from my sister... she rarely sends me anything. I was even more surprised to discover that it was a Patsy Cline CD. Patsy Cline?!

Last night I was ordained as a minister in
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