Patti (whipartist) wrote,

321 Studios, the bastards

In case you aren't aware, 321 Studios is the company who made DVD X-copy, DVD ripping and copying software. I own a copy.

They got their asses sued under the DMCA, and were recently ordered to stop selling their software. As expected, they're mounting a defense, and enlisting their users to help.

This week I've gotten two pieces of email from them so far... both in HTML. Since my mailer doesn't do HTML, I can't even read it. (They do have permission to mail me; they aren't spamming.)

However, my phone just rang. It was them. Well, a recorded message... "Hi, this is Robert Moore, president of 321 Studios." They went on to encourage me to call Disney this week in support of fair use and the right to make backup copies.

Fuckers. They do NOT have the right to spam my cel phone.

If they'd sent me email I could actually read, I might well have jumped through the hoops of making my opinion known to the studios. The DMCA sucks, and I'm all for fighting against it. However, I'm against telemarketing even more than the DMCA, so sorry 321... you lose.
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