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Time:12:37 am
I just got some weird email:
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2012 23:07:00 PDT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
From: Calista Carradine
Subject: Im sending you a link at Michael Madsens request Check it out

Check it out Watch the video and all See if you're interested >
madsen's kickstarter project.
no pledge is too small. and please forward to
> as many friends as you can. thanks, john sjogren and michael madsen. here is
> the link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1432218764/honorable-warrior?ref=email
So what's weird about this? I had no idea who Calista Carradine was until I googled her. The mail was sent to my regular pattib@my_domain address, not one of the tagged addresses that I give out to businesses, and definitely not to the address I use on Kickstarter. The project itself appears to be exactly what the email claims it is. I've crawled all over the mail headers, and they check out.

I have no idea how some Hollywood actress got my email address. It's a puzzler!

I'm almost through with crazy travel month. Two weeks ago I was in LA for the weekend. (Saw Book of Mormon again... as fabulous the second time as the first.) Last weekend I was in Vegas. (Happy birthday adb_foldem!) This weekend I'll be in LA again, though via Newport News Virginia. Don't ask.

After that, I get to stay home 'til mid-November. I just booked my annual London trip, and I'll be there for about a week, including thanksgiving and my birthday... which happen to be on the same day this year. Rather than booking a hotel, I decided to investigate Air B&B. I settled on a small studio apartment near the Queens Park tube station. It's a little farther out than I usually stay, but the apartment is very close to the tube station and from there it's a straight shot to Piccadilly Circus and the theater district. All that for less than a hundred bucks a night... seems like a win to me.

I'm coveting a Zenbook Prime for travel, but I've just spent so much money on travel that I don't feel like I should buy it. Oy.

I will be really happy when the World Series is over. The neighborhood around my office is a total clusterfuck. Today my regular parking garage was charging $90 at noon, and $120 by the time the game started. No, I didn't pay that-- I'm monthly. Still... insanity!

I'm also ready for the election to be over.

Tomorrow is my second physical therapy appointment for the chronic shoulder thing that I've been dealing with for years-- the one where the orthopedic surgeon looked at the MRI images, did some tests, and diagnosed me with a 47-year-old shoulder. (Thanks doc.) I really like the woman I'm working with, and the exercises she has me doing seem to be helping at least a little bit.
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Time:2012-10-25 07:04 pm (UTC)
I went through a few years of chronic shoulder problems in the early 2000s, from about the time we moved into the place on 48th (I think I triggered it by trying to paint ceilings while carrying a large can of paint in my left hand) to a few years later when I was living in the loft in Oakland. Physical therapy stopped it for good. Occasionally I begin to feel it again, usually after sleeping on too flat a pillow so that my shoulder gets scrunched under me, and I do a few stretches and it goes away. Ta-da. I'd thought I was stuck with it for life. (The trick that seemed to turn the corner was when they taught me how to use my arm without moving the shoulder, by making a big X on my back with surgical tape for a few days so I felt it whenever I used that shoulder.)

Wish I could find someone who could do that for my hip, which feels like a similar problem, is about equally disabling, but is so far stubborn about leaving.
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