Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Hello London!

I've landed in London. The tiny little apartment that I rented is, as expected, tiny. It's also perfect for me. I have a teeny tiny kitchen with a stove, oven, microwave, hot water pot, toaster, and a clothes washer. There's a small refrigerator which you get to by walking around the bed, and a little two-seater table in a nook by the window. The bathroom is itty-bitty too.

I'm a three-minute walk from the Queen's Park tube station on a quiet tree-lined street. There are train tracks across the street, but they only give muted background noise. There's a busy high-street right by the tube station, and another one about five minutes in the other direction.

As I headed for the apartment today I saw a sign that said "Farmers Market, Sundays 10-2". As soon as I checked in and dropped off my bags I headed over. It was fabulous! I came home with extra-aged cheddar, a loaf of artisan bread, a dozen organic pastured eggs, some butter, fresh-pressed organic apple juice, two little single-serving squashes, and a couple of hand-crafted soups. That should save me from eating too much Indian takeaway while I'm here.

Tomorrow I'm going to see John Lithgow in Magistrate. Wednesday my friend Mollena and I have on-stage tickets to see Stephen Fry in Twelfth Night. There's a whole bunch of other stuff on my list to see too... too much to get to, in fact.

Now, a quick nap then I might go see Rufus Wainright tonight.
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