Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Dear Diary,

Today I:

- Rode a train to a strange city
- Saw a black helicopter
- Fed a pony
- Stood on a hill in blustery winds to look at a pile of rocks
- Climbed up another very big hill while wearing the wrong shoes
- Retrieved a runaway dog
- Got blown off the top of the wall of an ancient castle (well, almost)
- Tasted half the cheeses at Neal's Yard
- Had the best seat in the house while John Lithgow entertained us with a delightful farce
- Saw stunning, award-winning landscape photography
- Took goofy pictures of sheep and birds
- Walked eight miles and climbed 45 flights of stairs, according to my FitBit
- Told off the water at an Indian restaurant so politely that I don't think he felt insulted
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