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[icon] 49 Shows - Patti
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Subject:49 Shows
Time:04:09 am
A year or two ago I decided to try to make a list of all of the theatre that I've seen in London. I combed my records, as well as lists of shows produced by various west end theatres. At present count I'm up to 49, but I can't actually swear that this list is accurate. I probably missed something that I've seen, or included something that I think I saw but actually didn't. There are a few regrettable and forgettable shows on the list, things like Fame, Witches of Eastwick, Loserville, and god help me Love Never Dies which I saw primarily for the trainwreck aspects, but also to put a checkmark on it. There are also some underrated ones like The Beautiful Game. In all honesty, I left Bog of Cats at intermission because it was slow and done in a barely-understandable brogue, and I was falling asleep.

Also, I was looking at lists of west end theatres last night trying to figure out which ones I'd been to and how many times. There was one that seemed like I should have been there, and I couldn't figure out why. "Oh, right. It's been running the Lion King for 15 years, and I've never been that desperate."

39 Steps
All That Fall
Eat, Pray, Laugh, the Barry Humphries Farewell Tour
Beautiful Game
Billy Elliott
Blood Brothers
Bog of Cats (the Holly Hunter Irish thing)
Broken Glass
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged
Crazy For You
Driving Miss Daisy
Full Monty
Glorious (Florence Foster Jenkins show)
Guys and Dolls
In The Next Room (The Vibrator Play)
Jerry Springer the Opera
Love Never Dies
Mamma Mia
Priscilla Queen of the Desert
Resistable Rise of of Arturo Ui
Rocky Horror Show
Saturday Night Fever
Scottsboro Boys
Starlight Express
Streetcar Named Desire
Sweeney Todd
Swimming With Sharks
Tell Me On a Sunday
Twelfth Night
Uncle Vanya
Waiting For Godot
War Horse
We Will Rock You
Whistle Down the Wind
Witches of Eastwick
Woman In White

(September 2016)
Groundhog Day
In the Heights
Kinky Boots

(May 2018)
Everybody's Talking About Jamie
An Ideal Husband

(September 2018)
School of Rock
Company (genderbent, Patti LuPone)
King Lear (Sir Ian McKellen)
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Time:2013-12-03 03:07 am (UTC)
I've seen 14 of these in some fashion or other, mostly as movies. I wondered about a few I had assumed would be on your list, till I re-read the post and saw this was only the London list. I can't really imagine "Fame" going well there. It seems like an inherently American sort of production to me.
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Time:2013-12-03 03:13 am (UTC)
Movies are usually very different beasts. Also, these are only the London shows... I've seen plenty of others in NY, SF, and a few other places.

Fame actually should have translated well to the stage, but I think the cast was burned out when I saw it. Priscilla Queen of the Desert translates brilliantly, though it's pretty much just a discolicious fun time.

I'm tempted to go through and rate/annotate what's on there. I'm also lazy, though.
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[icon] 49 Shows - Patti
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