Patti (whipartist) wrote,

More from the resume pile

I'm reading resumes again. In fact, I have five hundred responses to plow through, and I'm about a third of the way done. I hate this more than root canals.

  • Send me a cover letter! Use it to explain to me why you think you're well-qualified for the job that I've posted. And do it in plaintext, so that I know if I want to jump through the hoops of opening a word document if you're massively unqualified.
  • You don't need to quote the job ad back to me as part of your email. I wrote it, and I remember what it says.
  • Remember when your social studies teacher deducted points for spelling and grammar? I will too. In fact, I have a big folder called, "Bad English" filled with resumes from people who can't proofread, spellcheck, or punctuate. This is especially important when the ad says that communication skills are very important.
  • Formatting counts too... the easier it is for me to read your resume, the more favorably I'll look upon it.
  • You included the stack trace when you filed bug reports? And this is worthy of a bullet point on your resume?!
  • I'm hiring a QA person. Why on earth are you sending me an industrial engineering resume? You opened your cover letter with, "I have followed your company with considerable interest for some time." Ahem. I'm also not interested in a telecom circuit design engineer, a project manager, a VP of engineering, or an application developer.
  • You're applying for a software engineering position in San Francisco. I'm not going to take you seriously if you state that your minimum salary is $20K/year.
  • "I am interest in joining [my web startup] professional team as a QA engineer, which I believe, is an area I can utilize my Optical, SAN, Cable experience..." Umm, no.
  • A resume that has only a name, but no other contact information, might not do me much good. I bet you don't write complete bug reports, either.
  • Let's get back to that cover letter for a moment. Sell sell sell! Catch my interest here and you'll be way ahead of the game.

Whew. Only 354 resumes to go.

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