Patti (whipartist) wrote,

Worst customer service

I have a Gmail account that I got shortly after they opened to the public, although I don't use it as my primary email address. There are lots of people out there named Patti who think that their Gmail address is FirstnameLastinitial @ gmail, and they give out my email address erroneously for all sorts of things. Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's frustrating.

Recently someone signed up for an Ameritrade Canada account using my Gmail address. I've attempted to contact their online customer support, with a predictably incompetent response from the support people.


Patti: Someone signed up for an account and used my email address by mistake. I'd like to have my address removed from the account.

TD: You got phishing email.

Patti: It's not fraudulent email. Someone gave my address out by mistake. How do I fix this?

TD: Log into your TD account and send us a message.

Patti: I don't have an account! Someone else used my address. I don't want my email address associated with someone else's financial information.

TD: You got phishing email.

Patti: No, it's not phishing email-- it legitimately comes from you. It's just being sent to the wrong person.

TD: It's phishing email.

(At this point they've switched to private messages.)

Patti: It's not phishing. Please put me in touch with someone who can understand that.

TD: Please print out the email and take it to a TD Canada office.

Patti: I'd love to do that but I'm in California and there aren't any.

TD: I recommend that you just delete the email.
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