Patti (whipartist) wrote,

The fun that was my week

Monday evening: partners tournament at Lucky Chances. The good news was that my partner and I outlasted my boss and his partner, so they now owe us dinner. Bad news: we didn't make the money. I had dinner with Kevan after we busted out-- a Filipino breakfast with scrambled eggs, garlic fried rice, and longanisa sausage. It's the best thing on their menu, except maybe for the chicken caesar salad.

The really bad news: about two hours later I was in such excruciating pain that I called a cab and hauled my ass over to the Alameda Hospital ER. I was 99% certain it was my gall bladder, and I felt bad enough that I half expected them to tell me it had ruptured. Luckily, that wasn't the case. They did blood tests, pumped me full of morphine, and sent me home a few hours later. I finally fell into bed around 6 a.m. Tuesday morning.

Tuesday: ZZzzzzz ZZZZzzzz. I woke up just long enough to call into a meeting at 3:30, wherein the reorg of our engineering group was announced. Good news: I no longer report to the manager who has been making my life miserable for months. Then back to bed, where I was out until midnight.

After I woke up I headed for Alameda to the 24-hour Walgreens to get prescriptions filled, and then to Safeway to hunt for things that I could eat without making myself sick. The haul: three kinds of fruit juice, three kinds of fresh fruit, baby carrots, edamame, two kinds of frozen fruit, and a bunch of yogurt. Do you detect a theme here?

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: sleep 11-12 hours each day, crawl into the office for a while, pop pills like there's no tomorrow, and survive on (homemade) fruit smoothies, fresh fruit, veggies, and rice. Today at lunch I went completely wild and mixed a little bit of ginger fried rice in with the plain white rice. Woohoo!

For the last couple of nights I've been playing nolimit sit & go tournaments, and I've taken every beat known to mankind. It's been unbelievable. (As I'm writing this I called a jam with AK. My opponent showed AQ. Guess what the river was?)

One of the prescriptions I got at the ER was for Vicodin. I just can't figure out how anyone thinks this stuff is a recreational drug... all it does is make me sleepy and stupid.
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