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whipartist's Journal

22 November 1964
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Gads, how to describe myself?

I'm currently working as a software geek in a startup. I play a lot of poker. I have fuchsia hair. I ride motorcycles. I'm kinky, bisexual, and at least mildly polyamorous. I love to travel. I love theater, and I can sing far too many showtunes, all of them painfully off-key. I don't watch TV, and haven't for over 25 years.

I own a loft. Yes, the genuine article in a converted warehouse, not some poseur architectural monstrosity of a building. (Can a building be a poseur?) I used to live in what was basically a commune, but the community imploded.

I'm owned by two charming but goofy cats. I like my chocolate bittersweet and my scotch Islay. Sarcasm is my middle name. I'd checkraise my grandmother if she was still alive.